Beginning November 29th @ 10am


This advent, join Dr. Dan for a message series titled “God is in the Manger,” which will draw upon the readings and reflections of the devotional by the same name.

God is in the Manger (the book) offers daily readings featuring the writings of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a young 20th century pastor and theologian who ultimately sacrificed his life to take a stand against the Nazis in Germany. Bonhoeffer’s writings remind us that Advent is a time of waiting and preparation, and this ultimately reflects what it means to live as a disciple of Christ in the world.

Dr. Dan’s messages will follow the pattern of the devotional chapters, with the following topics:

November 29 “God is in the Manger: Waiting”
December 6 “God is in the Manger: Mystery”
December 13  “God is in the Manger: Redemption”
December 20 “God is in the Manger: Incarnation”

God is in the Manger is available at PC USA Store as well as from popular booksellers.




Dan Melton
Dan MeltonPastor