Getting ready to enjoy a little Easter fun!

As a church we know that Jesus is the reason for the season — all seasons! — but especially Lent and Christmas.  As we lead up to Easter, we like to involve the children of St. A’s, as well as the community, in a little Easter fun.

The Christian Education team, along with a group of youth helpers, spend time stuffing thousands of plastic Easter eggs (with candy donated by our wonderful Congregation), and bagging them up, ready to hide on the day of the hunt.

Two areas are set-up; one for 4-year-olds and below, and one for Kindergartners and up.  On the word ‘GO!’ the masses are released all over our campus to find as many eggs as they can.  The littles spend time picking their eggs up, and dropping them again, while the bigs run pell-mell to be the first to grab the eggs!

Don’t worry, we always have a rain plan in place!