Serving the 6th-12th Grade Population

The overall theme is ‘Being Christian as a tween/teen — how can I own that identity in my daily life.’

The first set of meetings will work with the youth on the pressures and expectations of life at their age. How they can use their Christian background for strength. How they can share it if they feel called to do so. How they take responsibility for their actions, especially when faced with a decision that might go against the crowd.  Building a foundation of trust while teaching them how to feel confident in their daily lives will serve them well as they journey the path of their own faith, and grow into adulthood.

Part of what we discuss is going to be ownership for ourselves. A big part of ownership is evident at meal time. Do we just sit back and watch our parents do everything? Or do we play an active role in making good choices, and helping with the process?  Each meeting is going to be structured around the fellowship of preparing a meal together. There will be plenty of options for meat when necessary (chicken or beef tacos, turkey, veggie, beef burgers, etc), and will also have gluten-free crust for pizza night.

We will also create opportunities for service in our community.  These will be determined by the group as a whole, and will be scheduled every other month.